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Laser Endodontics - Waterlase Dentistry

What is Waterlase dentistry?

Information for our patients and referring dentists

Here at The Endodontic Centre, we proudly utilize the BIOLASE WaterLase iPlus laser in our practice to treat a variety of endodontic conditions.

One of the main challenges of root canal treatment is that, despite our best efforts, it is not possible to sterilise an infected root canal system. We know this, but we can still disinfect the canal system effectively enough to achieve very high success rates.

Using traditional and more contemporary methods of root canal disinfection, we have been able to achieve great success, but not to rest on our laurels, we want to achieve even better results. We believe that incorporating dental lasers into our cleaning protocol will enhance the canal disinfection to another level.

The use of the laser allows us to reach and remove bacteria that have penetrated deep into the tooth structure. It allows the disinfectant solution to penetrate into those ‘hard to reach places’ such as dentinal tubules, isthmuses, lateral canals and apical deltas that traditional cleaning methods struggle with. The laser also allows more effective removal of stubborn debris material (when removing old root canal filling material during a root canal retreatment procedure).

By getting the canals even cleaner, we believe it will improve the chances of our root canal treatment being successful, which will lead to better healing.
Our practice is one of only a few endodontic practices in the country using laser-assisted root canal techniques and this has allowed us to treat teeth that many would have deemed hopeless.

Health & Safety is Our Priority

The health and safety of our patients and dental team is our top priority. We are taking all the necessary steps to provide the safe use of dental lasers to enhance the effectiveness of our root canal treatment.

Some facts about the Waterlase Laser:

  • The active medium is Er,Cr:YSGG – emitting a beam of infrared energy at a wavelength of 2780nm. This provides the optimal energy absorption into the water and hydroxyapatite found in enamel, dentine and bone.
  • It utilises HydroPhotonics technology (interaction of laser with water to produce energy) to cut soft and hard tissues without causing heat damage or fractures
  • Within root canals, lasers create rapid expansion/micro-explosions in the water which produce microbubbles. These bubbles expand and collapse releasing energy which helps remove stubborn bacterial growth and opens up tubules and niches within the canals to allow better penetration of the cleaning solutions.
  • We use Radial Firing Tips to deliver the laser energy deep into the canals and allows a more uniform coverage of the entire dentine surface and improved penetration into the dentinal tubules. The unique radial beam pattern fires laterally from its tip and cannot fire directly into apex, which enhances the safety of this technique.

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