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Here at The Endodontic Centre, we welcome referrals from all dentists and even accept self-referring patients.  We are happy and confident at treating even the most challenging of cases. We will work with you and your patient to ensure that the best outcome is achieved. Once you have referred us a patient, we will provide a comfortable journey from assessment to treatment to following it up for the next few years. We will always be on-hand if future problems were to arise. My philosophy is to never leave the patient or the referring dentist in the lurch and to always be there until the problem has been resolved and beyond. Once we have completed our treatment, the patient will be returned to your care for any follow-up treatment i.e. crown placement. 

If you are unsure of the diagnosis or just want an opinion then we can happily see the patient for a consultation without the commitment of having to have the treatment with us. If you have any queries regarding a case, even before referral, then you can always call or email us directly. 

Please rest assured that we will take the best possible care for your patient when we see them. We look forward to working with you.

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